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Picture of Joep in fitting room, trying on a suit

Who is Joeplaa

I'm Joep, 39 years old and currently living in Lieshout in The Netherlands. I went to Eindhoven to study mechanical engineering at TU/e university. After working as a mechanical engineer for 7.5 years, I quit my "dayjob" and started working full time on my own company: jodiBooks.

At jodiBooks I have learned how to do front-end design and website hosting, which merged beautifully with my hobby: homelabbing.

What is Joeplaa

Joeplaa, pronounce "you-p-laah", is an abbreviation of my full name: Joep van de Laarschot. Initially I started using it to shorten my e-mail address, but it turned into my "official" handle @joeplaa everywhere on the web. I've originally started joeplaa.com as my personal blog, which you can still find at https://blog.joeplaa.com.

After writing on my blog about stuff that bothered me, I wanted to create a more positive and varied space. A place where I could collect and show what keeps me busy, professionally and personally. Currently you can for example find my family tree, blog, wiki and my business: jodiBooks.


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