Welcome to joeplaa.com

I’m Joep, a 35 year old guy, trying to figure out what I want to achieve with my time in the sun. To give me some guidance along the way I have formulated two goals for myself:

  1. Live at least past the year 2100 in good health.
  2. Help two billion people make sense of “difficult” things, while trying to reach goal 1.
Picture of me working on jodiBooks
Working on jodiBooks

Only time will tell if these goals are indeed wisely chosen and formulated though. So, on this site I will share my journey as I try to accomplish them. In that I will be looking at:

  • what mindset I need,
  • what food to eat,
  • how to be and stay physically and mentally healthy,
  • and how to extract meaning from what I do.

All of this is not really new knowledge. I probably won’t be telling anything new, but I hope that along the way I can help other people, you, find and digest this knowledge in a more accessible way.